Textile Art at Trinity Studio

Have you ever seen a stuffed animal or tried to knit a pair of slippers? Both of these projects use fibers in the process of making Art. Textile Art is the process of creating something using fibers gained from sources like plants, animals or the insects. It is an extremely old Art form.


For the rich look of the Artwork

This Art form gives you a rich feeling and is much coveted nowadays by the Art lovers. Being the supreme Painting/Artwork providers, we take special care of our Art lovers. If you are, by any chance, looking to buy Textile Artwork online under INR 50000 then this online gallery is definitely for you!


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Textile Art is an amazing Art on its own. We have the best quality Artwork and we would suggest that you go to our online store and make a purchase. You can buy anything kind of Art of your choice and pay only the minimum that we can charge.

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