Stunning Landscape drawings at Trinity Studio

A Landscape painting or drawing incorporates an Artwork which is directly related to nature. This Art primarily focuses on the natural scenery such as mountains, forests, cliffs, trees, rivers, valleys, etc. We have got some very natural and irresistible collection of the offered portrait.


Bring nature to you!

Landscapes can also be surreal and purely imaginative. Our Landscape Artists choose to depict their vision of the eArth in a variety of ways. They can paint realistically in an effort to replicate nature as much as possible. Buy from our online store!


What are the types of this painting?

  • Representational Art- It focuses on the real and natural beauty of nature.
  • Impressionistic Art- This Art focuses on depicting a realistic scene in an almost unrealistic light.

Abstract Art- This Art relies less on the surrounding environment of the landscape and more on the representation of the main subject.


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