Folk Art at Trinity Studio

Traditional community and culture are being depicted in this Art form. By conveying the shared community values and aesthetics, it expresses a cultural identity. This Art includes a range of utilitarian and decorative media including cloth, wood, paper, clay, metal and more. This type of portrait is perfect if you want to create a cultural ambience around you.


Folk Art- Diversity

This Art form reflects the traditional Art of diverse community groups be them ethnic, tribal, religious, occupational, geographical, age or gender-based. This Art reflects the diversity. There are so many decorative Artwork providers but we are the selected ones.


Made by the creative Artists

Our Artists are very much creative and their Art is based on the creative skills that convey their community's authentic cultural identity rather than an individual or idiosyncratic Artistic identity. Folk Artistry is in trend nowadays and you can buy these portraits from our online store.


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