In a strategy in ‘Harvard’s Prjoect Zero’, students were asked to make careful observations and interpretations about how artists use color in paintings. After subsequent exercises on producing colour, the students were asked to name the colours they created accompanied by the feeling it invoked in them. This exercise led the students to reflect on what colour really meant in their lives and their personalities.

Reading this experiment, led me to the question,

‘Are we all really colours?”.

We all associate different personalities to different colours…. yellow to a vivacious, bright person; blue to a calm person; red to a fiery person and so forth…but have we thought about how colour changes in different context? About how hues change at different times of the day? About how pigments change over time? Different social strata perceive certain colours differently?

Are we also like colours?

We reflect different colours through our moods- we’re Red…. fiery and passionate sometimes and yellow…bight and cheerful during others. And sometimes we’re Orange, a mix of both moods.
Like pigments, don’t we also change over time? The strong temperaments give way to a more equanimous and even keel and the strong purple personalities become softer lavenders and mauves.

Are we so different from colours?

When two colours are mixed together, they produce a completely different colour. In the same way, when two people come together, they create a different vibe, a different harmony between them. Artists usually use varied palettes to describe their perception of the world, of relationships and their social schema…aren’t we all complex chameleons, who respond differently to different people and react differently in social situations? Don’t we all change our colours too?
Some of our colours are beautiful, some ugly, some warm and some cool, some are dark and some vibrant. You can change our vibrations by adding lighter or some more dark pigments. Are the company we keep or our ideas, and inspirations, that pigment?

Maybe we’re all Rainbows… various colours that converge and grow into one Pure, White Light and break into varied hues in different conditions.

After all, the world would be a dull place if it were just Black and White!!

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