Our Top 3 Interesting Artists of Expressionism in India

It is said that if you want to display or reflect your emotions then nothing can be better than the Art itself. We have so many collections here that reflect an Artist’s emotions and feelings. If you have an intense knowledge of Expressionism Art and want to buy the Artwork then you can buy Expressionism Artwork online for as low as INR 50000.

Here is our top 3 Artists of Expressionism in India:

Devaki Singh

Devaki Singh is a Mumbai based self-taught artist. His first exhibition called 'Guardian Of Innocents' was held in Zenzi Lounge bar, Mumbai, Jan-Feb 2009. The medium was acrylic on canvas. It was a collection inspired by his love and respect for nature and all its creatures. When asked about his Art, he said, “I chose to make a happy collection with some fantasy elements. It is important that we get aware of our environment and do what we can, within our means and capacity, to protect it...before it's too late.”

His second collection, 'Alice From Wonderland' was displayed at Aluminium India (international trade fair), N.S.E. grounds, Mumbai, March 2010. The medium was acrylic on canvas using the aluminium foil and other aluminium materials.

Mohan Singh

Art is his passion. He expresses himself through both abstract and figurative works. In his abstract work, he feels ideas flowing through the colours on the paper. Different colours used, indicate different pictures of life. He uses various colours to explain all the possible phases of life. According to him, the Figurative paintings help him give shape to the ideas and be inventive and expressive while religious paintings are the source of positive energies in his life.

Avani Aggarwal

Avani is a Self-taught Digital Fine Art artist, Living in Mumbai, India. Having dabbled earlier in Ceramics, Oils, Acrylics, Charcoal and Soft Pastels, in that order, she has finally found her niche in Digital Art and has been creating Digital Fine Art for the past 10 years. All her work is a culmination of her experiences and feelings portrayed in Abstract/Contemporary genre, in the form of Fine Art-quality, Limited Edition Giclee Prints. She believes there is no "one" reality, therefore, no singularly correct interpretation of her work and therefore, what you see in her art is a reflection of your own thoughts.

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