Ajay Dhandre, Revolutionizing the Futurism Artwork

Born in 1977, Ajay Dhandre completed his Bachelor’s degree at the College of Art in 2001. Since then, he has participated in a number of solo and group exhibitions throughout India. You can buy his very affordable Modern Art online amongst one is trinity studio mumbai.

Dhandre graduated in 2001 from the Government College of Art, Nagpur. Ajay Dhandre’s works on the concept of the revolution of a future language that is being generated by technological progress. The aura of science fiction surrounds Ajay Dhandre’s meticulously detailed paintings. His frames are populated by mechanical-organic composite forms: cyborgs, robots, prosthetic devices that extend the reach of body as well as consciousness, space stations, and interstellar probes.

In 2007, he held a solo show, ‘Hyper-Bio-Nano Materialism’, at the Museum Art Gallery in Mumbai. Amongst the most recent group shows in which his work has been featured are ‘Third Life’ at Bombay Art Gallery, Mumbai, in 2008, ‘Millennium Turks’ at Art Konsult, New Delhi, in 2008, Daira Centre for Arts and Culture, Hyderabad, in 2008, ‘Recent Works’ at Project 88, Mumbai, in 2007, ‘Does Size Matter?’ at Art Konsult, New Delhi and Mumbai, in 2007 and ‘Ye Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan’ at Art Konsult, New Delhi, in 2006.

Born in Nagpur, the artist found Mumbai ‘dramatic’ when he moved there. His reaction to the bustle of the cosmopolitan city led him to capture some of its drama on his surface, albeit with a futuristic take. Critics find the artist’s approach “in terms of robotics and architecture”, very novel. His futuristic Mumbai landscapes like ‘Cyber Village’ and ‘Dream Formation’ depict buildings suspended in air. “We can look up to technology alone to save us,” Dhandre says. “What’s with the threat of Mumbai drowning because of global warming and rising sea levels, we might find ourselves living in apartments floating in the sky.” Dhandre’s interest in chimeras, hybrids and devices is significant. It articulates his understanding of the future as an outcome of crossovers, genetic experiments, laboratory side effects and the confluences of diverse impulses.

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