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  • Then there is art Therapy

    it’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see

    - Henry David Thoreau We have ascertained by reading many studies on how effective color and art therapy is. There is something about the harmony of colors and a subconscious need to express our pain, confusion and questions on to a blank paper hoping that we get our answers and, in the process, heal ourselves. I have dug out five quest
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    “The whole meaning of Life is Life itself ”, was F.N Souza’s favourite statement. Ever so often, he repeated, “ Everything happens according to Nature’s intention”. And so he lived….and so he died….while celebrating the individual and celebrating love.

    His skeptical view of the establishment and his dry humour expressed itself in his paintings with a madness – whether it was h

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  • Ram Kumar: The Indian Master Series

    Ram Kumar’s brother, Nirmal Verma, couldn’t have described his works any better when he said, “History and memory become inseparable. There is something so delicately disturbing in his paintings. They evoke what we remember…creating an equivalence between memory and image.”

    Ram Kumar, the master of quietude and tranquil practitioner of abstract landscapes, has left his stamp of individuality on Indian Art forever.<

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