Narendra Thakare

Being an observer, the artist, gives meaningful, concrete forms in to the speculations which
arise from the visual and tactile sense impressions he receives, thereby supplying the viewer
with new concepts upon which he can organize and speculate within his own immediate
and stored sense impressions. Responding to symbols of materiality of the socio-political
and cultural reality, the artist engages thematically with his works alongside his exploration
of the antitheses of its inherent dualities. Narendra attempts to describe his existence and
its conflicts, the origin of these conflicts and the anticipations of overcoming them through
his works.
Narendra’s works are like living space, space permeated by our raced, gendered selves. It is
representative of his very existence. There are spaces of belonging, emptiness, of ļ¬tting in,
of confrontation, of forgetting, spaces that can be measured and analyzed. Our space is a
lived and multi-sensory space saturated and structured by memories and intentions. He
keeps projecting meanings and signification to everything he encounters.

Narendra Thakare Art

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