Swayamaprabha P

A Short note about the idea behind the work

Women and flowers are the beautiful creations by the god and women are the second creator after god. No matters how they survive for their existence. Being a woman I personally believe women’s world are heavenly different than Men. I try to portray that micro to macro variation in my work. I take different images as symbol related to our society.

  1. Emotion,
  2. Action,
  3. Relation,
  4. Frustration,
  5. Construction,
  6. Patience,
  7. Dream
  8. Creation

These are the key subjects in my work.  I work on various medium like canvas, paper, mixed media, photographs, installation and found objects etc. But I am very much comfortable in paper work more than any other medium because I enjoy and bring more possibilities on paper painting. I like to combine the both complete and incomplete forms on an unusual background in a surrealistic and illustrative manner which gives a contrast statement to the society. I do collage direct from lifestyle magazines to give the plasticity expression and flowers for prosperity.  Line also has very important role in my work which I use to portray subconscious expression.


Swayamaprabha P Art

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