Rohan Dumbre

Rohan Dumbre is practicing artist based in Mumbai. His works are like the journey of an everyday man , you can find a very similarity of  Mumbai daily life diary. In his words "My works always travel within me it revolves around different themes and media not stuck to particular series Before joining fine Arts I did architecture for 3 years but left it incomplete as I found more liking for painting which now I feel it is not about an urge to become a painter rather understanding and comforts with color and pallete. Vibrant colours and strokes remain the heart of my works.

The idea of mirroring images came into mind spontaneously as I continuously experience supermirror images due to my mental disorder .as I was not able to complete architecture course but in
inner mind and conscious there is always an attachment and liking towards architecture .and so I have produced this series on –‘structures’ .working on same mirroring and juxtaposing technique I have produced these photographic series on the first series on ‘dhobi ghat’ and the second one is ‘urban chaos’. Urban chaos is the entire photography series clicked at different places in Mumbai. All these photos are of Mumbai. 

Rohan Dumbre Art

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