Bijita Sharma

Being born(1982) and brought up in Assam, nature has always been a part of my life, which I practice in every core. I studied Mass communication and with a diploma in graphic designing in Bangalore, did a couple of jobs, includes being an assistant to an artist as a graphic designer. Through this journey, I have experienced a lot and with my designing ability, finally thought of putting my ideas on the canvas, but as I am not a trained painter or studied in art school. It was really difficult to execute the ideas but in contemporary art, we have great freedom of doing what we feel like to do as an artist. So with help and in the guidance by some of my artist friends, I hired well-skilled assistants and started my journey as an artist and I am extremely positive and confident that I will make some good art.

As embedded with a feeling of nature in me, my subjects are also an expression of that. I always wonder seeing this cycle of nature which creates and destroys also. We human being though part of nature, feel sometimes as if away from nature. This urbanization and technologies are creating a gap between human and nature. My attempt is to bridge that gap. I enhance nature’s beauty and glorify it and blend the art and nature, with more bright and vibrant color which I think will make the viewer happy and content. And besides being a very simple person, I try to avoid all complexities in life which reflect in my works. Usually, when an art and nature intersect, the work of art depicts or recreates the natural world, the natural world to create art. And I try to bring art, audience and nature together for a shared experience. I Hope to succeed in my attempt. 

Bijita Sharma Art

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