Yogesh Ramakrishna Kamble

My art practice is marked by strategies of creating history at the border between history and fiction. I employ a wide range of mythological propaganda-strategies resulting in dream-like drawings where fantasy and reality coexist. A story of past events, existence, myths, believes, related to specific sites or era is the keen centre of interest to me from the childhood. Mythology, tales, rituals, believes, superstitions and inspiration from miniatures are one of the most important fragments of my artworks. I think we live in parallel lives of myths, tales and fantasy, all having their existence at present time, which makes my works visually surreal standing in between reality and fantasy. Visual content becomes highly dramatic, disturbing, storytelling and erotic at some extent. My series of work titled "Nirop" is a visual reinterpretation of the grandma tells collected through interviews, writings of the 60 older women and visualized through the ways of mine. Postcards carries the important role as a carrier of these stories from past to present modern time. Title suggest the last visit to these stories and way of storytellings because these are
about to vanish. My current project is about creation of my own myth and designing every single aspect of it. A newly modified myth existed in current time on the basis of existed myth will give a innovative, interesting and more connecting perspective

Yogesh Ramakrishna Kamble Art

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