Anamika Prakash

A ‘Fairy Tale’ or ‘Wonder Tale’ by the very nomenclature is an imaginative space that can never be true. Most have a basic structure, in which they revolve around the protagonist’s adventure, ‘quest’ and emotional thirsts. In the course of his or her story, the protagonists must conquer or escape evil, usually with the help of magic in order to “live happily ever after...” In this basic structure, the Fairy Tales reflects the human wish for knowledge, excitement, and eventful contentment. It also sympathizes with people’s everyday experiences of evil or negativity, and their gives them inspiration to fight the same and helps in generating and elongating ‘hopes’. As a whole confirm righteousness and condemn unfairness, there by comforting readers with a sense that there is justice in the world!

 These Fairy Tales had a deep impact on my emotions. They always gave me inspirations for a better and positive future. Though, the real life next door was full of struggle with hidden pains, insecurities, fears, crisis etc; in this practical world. My works reflect both ‘dark’ and ‘joyful’ sides of the coin as parallels running simultaneously. “Happily and ever after…” is all about the end a Fairy Tale concludes on. But while facing complications in real life, I always have a question if we really get the same fantasized end as we have read in the stories. Since, I believe in this concept of ‘happy ending’, somewhere it gives me a positive strength to face my day-to-day problems with the hope of a better future in the end with new beginnings.

 In this series of my work, I have used different metaphorical elements such as dolls, doors, windows, curtains, pins, texts etc. to depict my emotions. The sensitivity, innocence and the memories of childhood stories are an inspiration to render the execution of my practice. The dilemmas of two contrasting possible ends of the Fairy Tale world and the real world, parallel to each other, together motivate me to work and explore these directions.

Anamika Prakash Art

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