Lakhan Singh Jat


Lakhan Singh Jat born 1986. He belongs to Village Kusany, Swaimadhopur, Rajasthan (India). There is a child in everyone of us,and this child wants to come out and play and to be loved. No matter how grown up we are,the inner child remains within us all of our lives.

We are all children at heart, innocently searching for the meaning of our life. As children have neither past nor future they enjoy the present, which very few of us do. And also children are so naturally innocent because they are pure and untouched by the demands of everyday life. But the problem is that we have suppressed this pleasure with so much burden and stress that it has gone into deep hiding.Through my paintings, I have tried to let my inner child play freely as I did in my childhood in my village. Even as a young child I wanted to paint more than anything else.

Many incidents are tucked into my heart and when there are too many to hold inside, I let my brush flow on canvas. The child within me allows me to remain open – minded and ready to explore as I venture into new challenges in the world. I wonder why we change when we grow and become a stranger to that little kid who screams, giggles and dreams so high. The child in you makes you honest, who is emotional, afraid of deceiving anyone, hurting anyone and still gives you space to enjoy life in this busy and mechanical world. So look for the child within your heart and for a while let it run free just like a butterfly running around without a care of the world. What I have experienced that nothing is more addictive than having a person become a child even for a second or get deep lost in his childhood. So start embracing your inner child, you are never too old to play or to dream a new dream. I miss my childhood days….and I hope you know what I mean. We all know our childhood will never come back but the child in us should never go.

Lakhan Singh Jat Art

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