Avani Agarwal

Avani is a Self-taught Digital Fine Art artist, Living in Mumbai, India. Having dabbled earlier in Ceramics, Oils, Acrylics, Charcoal and Soft Pastels, in that order, she has finally found her niche in Digital Art and has been creating Digital Fine Art now for the past 10 years. All her work is a culmination of her experiences and feelings portrayed in Abstract/Contemporary genre, in the form of Fine Art-quality, Limited Edition Giclee Prints. She believes there is no "one" reality, therefore no singularly correct interpretation of her work and therefore, what you see in her art is a reflection of your own thoughts.

She has participated in various group art shows and live cultural events, has been featured by IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications Magazine and various Art Blogs.

Avani Agarwal Art

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