Bharti Dixit

Bharti Dixit Born: January, 1973 Education Qualification: 2009- M.A. in Painting, DAVV, Indore, 2002- M.A. in Hindi Lit. ,DAVV, Indore 1995- M.A. in Economics, DAVV, Indore.

The prime factor of my paintings is an individual and his rhythmic life. A sentence proclaiming numerous possibilities immanent in an individual is “  अहम्  ब्रह्मास्मि   ”, it is also said to be the pivotal expression of Indian philosophy. ‘  ब्रह्मा 'means ‘Creator of the universe’ and “अहम्  ब्रह्मास्मि” means ‘I create the universe’. To get out effectively after getting into an adverse situation is the quality of a human being and I depict this in my paintings. 
I portray ‘Rhythm of Life’ in my works. There is a certain rhythm in the life we live. Life is just like the variations of musical notes. Life is not Inert, its animated, not static but dynamic. It is constantly transforming. There are different emotions and conflicts too. I portray this emotion and conflict through threads and bunches of clothes because there is a certain motion in threads and clothes which you can feel just like emotions. Just like different shades of a story, our life is also filled with various emotions like happiness, anguish, jealousy and cheerfulness. Pieces of clothes & tufts of thread having various colours and textures depict these different emotions. Just like our life, the tufts are also in motion. They not only portray the pace of life and its obstacles but also the energy and vigour. The raw shapes of shreds and tufts are various circumstances of life. They tell us that life is not always favorable. Clothes cut in uneven snippets and then stitched in that form shows that there are unending adversities as well as limitations in life. Life moves on even 
with these adversities. Stitching lines by sewing machine points towards the life spent with such conflicts. Tufts of threads and shreds show that life goes on while struggling with these peaks and troughs, but humans have this quality of "अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि" that enables them to accept these challenges and move on.This opens a new chapter of learning in life, a chapter which is authored by you. These challenges teach us something new and enhance our capability. The stitching line going through the tufts and shreds depicts that obstacles are removed, it also refers to our strong will power that there is always a way out and then, the 
life becomes more radiant. 

Bharti Dixit Art

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