Naina M Kulkarni

My canvasses may make you feel like travelling into the void. It isn’t an
empty dark, space though, but a fertile and nourishing crucible where
stories are birthed, where we discover the true essence of things and get
in touch with our emotional core.

Far from being hard to comprehend, highly engaging abstracts create a
heightened, unified field where we experience multiple perspectives and
layers of thought and feeling, all at once. On my canvasses, assorted
elements and aspects of the world coalesce and melt into a vortex of
colours, textures, shapes, drips and blurred edges
To me these moments feels like inspired glimpses of truth and they are
only found when I pause long enough to take them in, seeking at every
step a meaning that defines each, intrinsically.I paints the places that
have left an indelible mark on me – from Dehradun, where I grew up, to
Vietnam,Doha,Langkawi where I have lived. These inspired memories
and fleeting impressions of beauty are expressed in intense, uplifting,
earthy and mellow gradations and patterns of colour, texture, geometry
and light.

My paintings take their cues from nature,Like any other being, or more
so as an artist, I am allured by the charm and magnanimity of Mother
Earth – not just because it is exquisite,but because she stirs my soul and
allows me to experience something way beyond myself & something far
greater than my own reality.” To express the spontaneous and visceral
immediacy of my visions, I abandon all hints of figuration and instead
choose to express myself in the fluid and intuitive vocabulary of
colour.Ever since childhood, I’ve aspired to and possessed an intrinsic
ability and potential to revise the colour wheel on a canvas using simple
techniques, The canvasses feature powerful landscapes of amorphous
shapes and spaces, abstract fields of colour with no organic form as
such, sweeping swathes of blue, vibrant seas of green, and gauzy fields
of black, maroon and deep red. Remarkably enough, the effect is not one
of flat, one­dimensional planes, but tactile paintings that radiate
vibrancy and depth.
Abstract art to me are immersive and dynamic. They open up like
meditative portals taking viewers spiralling into assorted moods,
feelings and places. ‘Within’ is a doorway that leads you from the
limited, the everyday and the finite into intriguing formless realms.

Naina M Kulkarni Art

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