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Nature Speaks...
Umakant Kanade’s mesmerizing black & white creative landscapes, occasionally specked up with a dash of color are a confluence of the elegance of classical and his own philosophy of present day. Rather Umakant kanade’s work brings back to present the magical black and white era, its aura and charm, enlivened further with present day concerns of detachment from nature and life in the real sense.

His work in fact mocks at the Dreamlike, memories of the golden past of India, replete with nature’s abundance, culture and prosperity and its remnant and fragments. The enchanting scenes, in a way it raise the present day issue of arisen on the path of advancement and technology.

He employs the power the tints, tones and shades to create a world apart from this world, and yet connected through the resonance of the richness and fortunes of past. The canvases invite and allure the viewer to indulge, creating the longing to stay there forever; and at the same time questioning path that is taken by man in pursuit of progress.

The artist’s vocabulary consists of elements from nature; trees, birds and even stones and boulders to bring out the intricacies and complexities of human life, its evolution, and values. Through the picturesque hypnotic façade the works raise questions and interrogations around the notions of fertility, growth, survival and the intrinsic human values and concerns.

Umakant Kanade says, "I have tried to explain my approach to life through these drawing. When I look at pebbles and boulders, I think of tolerance, patience, strength to bear the storms. I think even the most rustic boulders depict sensitivity, and are important part of life. Likewise my series of birds, nests indicate varied perceptions from motherly love to the struggle of birds to survive in today’s concrete world.”

He manages the transformation of the real colorful world observations into the unworldly unique representations with quite ease. It takes a while and a mature viewer to unravel the subtleties of the connotations and interpretations, but as they do, the canvas further intrigues the viewers.

The artist has worked in ink being calligrapher for number of years for renowned publishers of country.

Umakant Kanade Art

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