Sanjana Goenka

Thinking and overthinking- I’m good at one and great at another. All my life I have
tried my level best to focus on that which I was supposed to understand; the lessons
that were all but hammered into our heads in school which I enjoyed thoroughly! It
was exciting learning what was on the board in front of me, I was good at it, but night
would come and the thoughts got a lot more colourful. I was plagued with questions I
could not answer, ranging from the logistics of pouring cereal to mentally repeating
my name enough to throw me into an existential identity crisis. It was all well and
good when these thoughts remained within the confines of my head, but less so
appreciated when I wasted hours of my mother’s day addressing and arguing each
insignificant point in detail until she was exhausted and I’d ‘won’.
She encouraged me use my time wisely, more so, so that I would stop pestering her
with irrelevant questions. As I had a particular penchant for scribbling and doodling
whenever I could, I decided to focus my attention on art. I spent a considerable
amount of time combining various elements of reality and fantasy to play second
fiddle to my funny little thoughts, pushing them into overdrive. Then, I started
drawing the lines and filling in the details in an effort to calm myself down. It worked,
if anybody was wondering.
Everyone expects art to have a meaning behind it and most of it does, but mine is
simply an insight into the ideas that bounce around my head and my efforts to
channel that craziness into something beautiful 

Sanjana Goenka Art

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