Pradeep Verma

Pradeep Verma was trained at the Rajasthan College of Arts, Jaipur. He graduated in 1984. In his words "I feel since many years that there is something beside my heart. Buddha the enlightenment one lived a life of austerity... this realization has made me discover my existence to the path of meditation, and hope my artworks soothe the mind and help you discover the gentle state of inner peace.

On his series on Buddham the artist says .... "
I am the owner of my karma
I inherit my karma
I am born of my karma
I am related to my karma
I live supported by my karma

Namo buddham sharanam gacchami. Namo dharmam sharanam gacchami. Namo sangham sharanam gacchami.

Pradeep Verma Art

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