Manisha Patil

I love observing people—people from all walks of life, stature, class and
Some of the characters are culled from my observations as a ringside viewer in
public spaces, others are faint echoes of family members- my grandmother,
mother, uncle or niece. Having grown up in the cultural milieu of Kolkata, where
practically every household displayed their pianos, tea sets, framed family
photographs,Tagore classics and Morris cars with immense pride, I also developed
a penchant for artifacts. It is these imprints of people, places and possessions that
materialize in my works.
The stances, gestures, emotive eyes, attires of the human beings are vital elements
in my work. I like to focus on their relationships with one another, the culture that
nurtures these relationships, and the objects that form the visual backdrop. The tilt
of the head, the look from the corner of the eyes, the clasped hands are crucial
indices, or ‘tags’ in my work. The richly patterned carpet, the radio or the
Ambassador car inadvertently pins down persons in my paintings into a temporal
and cultural context—evoking a sense of déjà vu.

Manisha Patil Art

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