Devaki Singh

I'm a Mumbai based self-taught artist. 

My first exhibition called 'Guardian Of Innocents' was held at Zenzi Lounge bar , Mumbai, Jan-Feb 2009. The medium was acrylic on canvas. It was a collection inspired by my love and respect for nature and all it's creatures. I chose to make a happy collection with some fantasy elements. It is important that we get aware of our environment and do what we can, within our means and capacity, to protect it...before it's too late. 

My second collection, 'Alice FROM Wonderland' was displayed at Aluminium India (international trade fair), N.S.E. grounds, Mumbai, March 2010. The medium was acrylic on canvas with use of aluminium foil and other aluminium materials.

I have been a fashion designer from 1990 to 2003, after completeing my fashion design course from S.N.D.T. University, Mumbai. During that period I exhibited my own collections at various art galleries and shops, stores and boutiques. I participated in various consumer exhibitions.

I am also a script writer. My partner Luke Kenny and I have made an independent digital feature film in English,  '13th FLOOR' (cast- Purab Kohli, Sandhya Mridul). It was shown at a few international festivals and was released in the city of Mumbai only.

I am working towards my next exhibition, to be held later this year in Mumbai, by Gallerie Angel Arts.

Devaki Singh Art

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